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U3A is a movement for retired/semi retired people who enjoy lifelong learning.
The third age is a period in which we are able to do the things we had planned for.

U3A groups are the main providers of adult community education for older learners.

In U3A Baw Baw there are no prior educational qualifications required, no exams and no degrees awarded. You just need an interest in learning.


A U3A group is a community of people devoted to education and learning for its members in their third age. U3A Baw Baw members organise their own activities by drawing on the skills of one another.

Like-minded members from all walks of life are encouraged to form study groups and share their knowledge with fellow members, all on a voluntary basis.

We look forward to having you as a new member and sharing the Third Age of life with you.

Like all U3A groups, Baw Baw is autonomous, as are all U3A Australian groups. The region we cover is mostly in the Warragul/Drouin area, where 75% of members live, and surrounding areas including Neerim South and Trafalgar . There are no entry requirements for membership and no assessment of prior learning and credentials.

Activities are arranged to meet the needs of the group: a course may be short or long, depending on the subject; groups may be of any size and teaching may be done by an individual or a team. Styles vary from highly participatory to conventional lecture techniques. Some guest speakers are invited but their contributions, like those of all U3A members, are voluntary.

U3A policy is to engage as many members as possible to lead educational classes, assist with administering registration, finance, program organisation, newsletters etc. If you feel you could contribute, please let us know.

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