Checking your Membership Details (Explanation steps)

As a member of U3A Baw Baw, you have recently received an email advising you of our new web page and U3A Management System (UMAS). In keeping with most other U3As we are making the transition to an online membership management system (UMAS). 

The email would have been as shown:-

You are receiving this email to advise you of your new Membership Number so that you can check that your contact details are correct.  It is also very important that you enter emergency contact details for your safety and compliance with our duty of care policy.

Your new membership number is: [member_no]

Step 1

For those wanting to log in, go to our web site at  

This brings up the Home Page.  

Click on: 

          Memberships – this opens the Memberships page. 

Step 2

Click on: 

          Member Login – this opens the Membership Management System (UMAS) page.

Because you are setting up your password for the first time, Click on the option:  “Forgotten Password”, then follow the instructions below

the next screen to be displayed will enable you to reset your password.To do this you will need your membership number, so that you can create your own password, using the process outlined below.

Step 3

Enter your Member number and Surname in the boxes provided.

Then click on the button “submit”

Step 4

Now check your email inbox and you will receive an email with the title “U-MAS password reset”.  Enter the authorisation code is used Click on the page and enter your new password to reset your password.

You can now log in by clicking on the menu item.

step 5

Once you have completed these steps the following screen will appear

step 6

Your current membership details on file will be displayed.You can check all your details for accuracy on this screen.  

step 7

If you need to update your contact details or add emergency contact information

The password you created should be kept in a safe place for future reference.

Don’t forget to save the changes you make. 

You will now be able to use the your login to change your details yourself eg change your email address

Thank you for your assistance.