Mystery History – Term 1, 2022 Program

1st February – Salt

A stroll through a history of salt and what it has meant to us through our own history. Where we get it and how we
discovered that we need it!

8th February – A Republic – Britain – Never!

What was England like when Cromwell took over and made the country into a republic and why didn’t it last?

22nd February – Women might be better at some things

Women live longer than men – why is that? Women cry more too – why is that? And as a bit of a bonus material
section, we will have a quick look at perfume.

1st March – Make Up

A look at the often bizarre history of makeup – when men used it more than women and why women kept using it
when the men gave it up. Also a look at makeup as a weapon!

8th March – Famous People

A look at a very famous couple from the United Kingdom from the 1930s. A rather different look at them from nearly
100 years on.

15th March – An army within an army

Doing what it takes to help win the war. The surprising story of a division of men who helped keep the Allies safer.

22nd March – Greek Mythology – does it have to be weird and stodgy?

No – this one is hilarious – I promise (I think so anyway). Far away lands, weird creatures, brave men and beautiful
women – is there a better way to spend a morning?

29th March – Famous People – Spartacus

A look at this iconic man and why he features down to today and why do people know his name when so many other
prominent names have been forgotten?

5th April – Fashion – Can we ever get enough of it?

This time we look at the surprising history of high heels – life’s short, just buy the damned shoes!