Mystery History Term 1 2021

Mystery History is an eclectic and wide-ranging voyage through history, to places well-travelled and those which are more distant to our awareness.  We investigate what made certain people famous and why things happened in history the way they did.  We also ponder on what may have sparked someone to act as they did and then whether they regretted it or if we would have done the same.  Our previous terms have been as diverse as Genghis Khan to the history of the rooms in our homes; from The Floating Brothel to pirates, gypsies and the history of butter, vodka and The East India Company – as you can see it is definitely not what you learned in history lessons at school! When in the U3A rooms, the talk/lecture goes for about 40 minutes, followed by 20 minutes for a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits and a chat with others in the group, then about an hour of documentary to support the talk. When on Zoom the talk/lecture generally goes for about 35 minutes followed by some photos and question time – usually around 50-60 minutes. 

How to enrol